The Flats' Summer Team

Dan Barger, President

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  • Majors: Political Science & Communications  
  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: St. Louis, MO
  • Hobbies: following politics, watching baseball (Go Cards!), and fishing
  • Post-Grad aspirations: Law school and then pursuing a career in either politics, policy making, or public relations.
  • What I like about The Flats? Meeting and interacting with new guests. 
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Jordan Henderson, director of operations

  • Majors: Political Science & Environmental Policy
  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Palos Park, IL
  • Hobbies: Sports & nature 
  • Post-Grad aspirations: Grad school for public policy master's.
  • What I like about The Flats? The independence and skills for future use.
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Ashley Kennedy, Associate of Guest services

  • Major/Minor: Communications/Anthropology
  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Bloomington, IL
  • Hobbies: Photography, film, traveling, and biking
  • Post-Grad aspirations: Attending graduate school to pursue a master's and later working for an NGO.
  • What I like about The Flats? The collaboration and creativity used in day to day operations.