The Flatsket


To enhance the luxury and comfort of your stay at The Flats, we curated a basket of 24 gourmet items to enjoy in your unit, or on the go! When you request a Flatsket, it will be ready for you in your unit when you check in. To order, add it onto your stay on our "Book Now" page.

A Flatsket contains:

Fiji Water (2), La Croix (2), Organic Fruit Snacks (2), Pretzel Crisps (1), Skinny Pop (2), Nilla Wafers (1), Organic Fruit Pouch (2), Dried Organic Cranberries (1), Orville Popcorn (1), Cheez It (1), Extra Gum (1), Kellogs Cereal Box (2), Nutella Breadsticks (1), Lindor Chocolates (2), Orange Cups (2), Kind Breakfast Bar (1)