Terms & Conditions


Room Rights and Expectations

     The Flats at Loyola Station reserves the right to change room assignments and occupancy levels or to terminate or refuse to accept a housing agreement, in the interest of health, discipline, housing needs, or welfare of the occupant or other occupants. No smoking is permitted anywhere on the premises of The Flats, including patios and balconies. The occupant will pay for any damages to his/her unit and unit furnishings.  Smoking in a unit or damage resulting in need for excess cleaning will result in a fee.  Liability charges done in corridors, stairs, washrooms, and common areas of The Flats at Loyola Station Guesthouse will be divided among all occupants staying in the guesthouse, unless the responsible person(s) is (are) determined. The occupant(s) shall not move guesthouse furniture out of his/her room. The occupant(s) is (are) required to comply with the laws of the United States of America, the state of Illinois, all ordinances and regulations of the city of Chicago as well as The Flats at Loyola Station policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.  Failure on the part of the occupant(s) to comply with these laws, ordinances, policies, procedures, rules and regulations, shall constitute breach of contractual agreement and may result in fine, removal from guesthouse, and/or cancelation of this agreement at the option of The Flats at Loyola Station.

Payment Requirements and Cancellation Policy

     In order for occupant(s) to reserve unit(s), The Flats at Loyola Station must receive a minimum nonrefundable deposit payment equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the occupant(s) entire stay at The Flats at Loyola Station guesthouse within 72 hours after the reservation is made. The remaining payment is refundable before 7 days prior to the occupant(s) first day of occupancy at The Flats at Loyola Station guesthouse. At this point in time, 7 days prior to the occupant(s) first date of occupancy; the full balance for occupying any unit at The Flats at Loyola Station Guesthouse will be due. NO REFUND will be issued for cancellations occurring within 7 days of the occupant(s) first day of stay at The Flats at Loyola Station guesthouse. The occupant(s) must submit the payment in total in order to enter the guesthouse. An early check-in or late check-out will incur an additional fee for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Additional Terms and Obligations

     The occupant(s) shall pay to The Flats at Loyola Station, as liquidated damages, double the amount of the fees stipulated in the payment invoice of The Flats at Loyola Station, and interest thereon, for the time during which the Guest(s) retain possession of the Premises or any part thereof after termination of the term by lapse of time or otherwise.  This provision does not waive Lessor’s rights of re-entry or any other right hereunder. All personal property belonging to the occupants(s) of The Premises that is in the building or the Premises shall be there at the risk of the occupant(s) only, and The Flats at Loyola Station shall not be liable for any damage thereto or the theft or misappropriation thereof.  Under no circumstances, and in no event, shall The Flats at Loyola Station be liable to the occupant(s) of the Premises in any manner, or for any amount because of damage to or loss of any such personal property kept or stored in any area outside the Premises, all such liability or claims, if any whatsoever, being hereby expressly waived by the occupant(s). We reserve the right to enter any unit with proper guest notice to tend to maintenance and safety related issues. This may be a notice of only two to three hours on rare occasion that items of an urgent nature need be tended to.